T-wig model 01

€395 €430


20 inch wig with a T-shaped lace, it means: it is a combination between a frontal wig and a closure, you can use it without glue or if you want to have lace in the frontal part to be able to trust it.

Hair quality: mid-range, best value for money, it may have a little shedding when handling, it will last between 1-2 years or more depending on the care and use it is given. (we recommend having multiple wigs for longevity)

Texture: Smooth, wave with tongs

Lace: Transparent

Color: plate like the photo with dark root only in the area of ​​the line and front.

Hairstyle: sent with big waves. The hairstyle is not timeless (you have to redo it whenever you want)

Average delivery time: 15 working days.

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