1. WHO ARE WE? We are Dulce Belloso Beauty. A company dedicated to the creation of custom wigs, hair extensions and complementary products for the care of natural hair and wigs. We also offer advisory services related to the subject and online courses.

  2. WHAT DO WE USE YOUR DATA FOR? We will use your data to manage your registration as a user, manage the purchase of products or services, answer your queries as well as, if you wish, send you our personalized communications.

  3. WHY DO WE USE THEM? At Dulce Belloso Beauty we need to process your data to execute the contract that you accept with us when you register and make a purchase or enjoy any of our services or features , although there are other reasons that legitimize us to do so, such as the interest in answering your queries or the consent that you give us to send you our newsletter.

  4. WITH WHOM DO WE SHARE YOUR DATA? We will share your data with service providers that help or support us and with third parties, to be specified in point 7.

  5. YOUR RIGHTS. You have the right to access or pgive us access to the data we have about you, rectify, p ask us to correct the data we already have or delete your personal data. Ask us to limit the treatment of your data, which means that in certain cases you can ask us to temporarily suspend the treatment of the data or to keep it beyond of the time needed when you may need it.

  6. FOR HOW LONG? We will process your data for as long as you remain a registered user (that is, until you decide to unsubscribe).


    In order to fulfill the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, it is necessary that we give access to your personal data to third parties that we provide support in the services we offer you, namely:

    • Financial entities,

    • entities fraud detection and prevention,

    • providers of technological and analytical services,

    • service providers and collaborators of logistics, transport and delivery, and/or collaborating establishments.

    • service providers related to customer care.

    • providers and collaborators of services related to marketing and advertising, such as social networks , advertising agencies or advertising collaborators.