About us?

Dulce Belloso Beauty is a realistic wig creation company based in Paris. Created by Dulce Belloso in 2018.
With international logistics making shipments to all parts of the world.
Our philosophy is the use of wigs as a means of protecting natural hair.
That is, without forgetting what is truly important, promoting natural hair care with our products, home remedies, tips, tricks...
Despite being located in Paris - France and our clients all over the world mwe have an active communication through our customer service team and our video call system where we maintain a close and fluid relationship with our clients.

Who is Dulce Belloso?

Dulce Belloso is a young businesswoman born in Equatorial Guinea, she studied Marketing and Sales Management in Madrid and in 2017 she moved to Paris where she began her journey through the world of wigs.

she 7 years ago she had a blog where she shared her vision of fashion and conception of beauty, advice on how to treat skin and HAIR problems.

she stayed faithful to her blog for 5 years, until she decided to make the leap to the business world.

2017 was a key year in Dulce's life, she not only moved to Paris and soaked up knowledge in everything related to the know-how of wigs, where Estela, one of the best in Paris in wigs stayed learning for a year or so if it wasn't also the decisive year to give her NATURAL HAIR a new chance.

She had long but not healthy hair, she didn't know how to take care of it and she didn't make much effort either, but deep down it was a matter that worried her, she didn't have great references of who to look at, so she decided to be for many other girls who constantly They asked for advice.

One day without much thought, in October of that year, she cut her hair. at that time she began her transition.

she started doing protective hairstyles, being more aware of what products to use, trying new products, homemade formulas...

But as much as with wigs in everything I was learning as with natural hair, I didn't know how to share it with everyone and I had a kind of saudade for your blog, I missed it, I missed having some place, some platform where you can communicate with your community, followers and many of them friends.

She needed to continue to be what they expected of her, and they kept asking for her in private messages, comments... Then DULCE BELLOSO BEAUTY was born in August 2018. A brand specialized in creating wigs that look like your own hair, promoting care of NATURAL HAIR and everything related to ENHANCING THE BEAUTY of women...we still have more surprises in store for you because this is just the beginning.

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