How do we make our wigs? QUALITY, SEWING, CUSTOMIZATION.

We make all our wigs by machine from our atelier in Paris,

Technique for naturalizing the hairline: To give the wig a natural look, we carry out a technique called "customization" which is about creating a hairline as realistic as possible. It is a technique that only a few professionals in the world know.

At DBB we have different ranges of hair.

Each client chooses the range that best fits her budget:

Economic range: Latest generation fiber hair, that is, it is 100% non-natural hair that you can apply heat, straighten, wave. It has a short duration and is very affordable. Price between 130 to 190 euros. It is ideal for occasional changers, artists, influencers who want to look different on a regular basis.

Mid-Range: Our mid-range is excellent value for money. It is the favorite of our clients and it is the most suitable if you will keep your hair black, it is good hair that lasts several years. . You have to learn to take care of it and maintain it to get the most out of it. Can be dyed up to shade #27 brown. heat can be applied without limitation, it will e produce some shedding and light tangle when combing or washing. It is the smartest choice if you are an active wig wearer.

Prices from 190 euros to 950 euros depending on the characteristics of the order.

Premium luxury range: It is the superior range of hair, it is virgin hair. It will last for years, it is also necessary to take care of it as if it were our own because it needs hydration and care. It is a higher quality hair and therefore more expensive. you can dye it up to tone #613 blonde, apply heat and everything you want. It's long-lasting hair.

Due to its high cost, it is hair that a small part of the population can afford, it is a long-term investment.

Prices: from 450 to wigs over 2000 euros depending on the characteristics.

The head size customization:

We make standard size wigs and custom wigs

For the seasonal wigs, that is to say, the ones that we inform you that they are ready to send, they are created with the standard size, that is to say, after having taken so many measurements to our already clients, we dare to affirm that the majority of women are a medium size, and it is what we call standard (22 inches 56-7 centimeters) in circumference.

For custom orders, we base ourselves on the client's head size and create a wig with that client's characteristics. These orders generally take longer to create.

For the durability of wigs and extensions, whatever quality you choose, we recommend that you care for it as if it were your own hair. Wash without rubbing, apply conditioner to add shine, hydration and softness. always use a heat protectant.

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Deseo una peluca de pelo natural larga ondulada

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Peluca natural

Lucrecia 43 27, Monday

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