Everything you need to know about a wig. (Complete Guide)

If you love wigs, if it's your lifestyle to wear wigs, or especially if it's your first time wanting to wear a wig you should take a few minutes to learn the jargon of wigs, know what's what and be able to to choose the best option for you, once you have read all this information.

You will have many questions but we always think of you and to make things easier for you, so all you have to do is take a few minutes and read.

1. How do you want the construction of the wig to be?
2. What color do you want it to be?
3. What size/length, how far do you want your wig to go?
4. What texture do you want your wig to be?

Here we are going to explain everything you need.


To start: What is a lace?

The lace is the most important part of the wig. It is the hair-by-hair area thought to look like the human scalp.

The lace is what will make your wig look like your own hair or not. A wig with bad hair and a good lace will always look better than a wig with good hair and a bad lace. There are 4 most common types of lace, but we chose to offer 3 of them because they are the best options on the market:

  • The Lace Closure.
  • What is a Lace Closure? It is the smallest type of lace, the basic size is 4x4 inches, and it is also the cheapest. It is a very comfortable and easy to use lace. You don't need glue. It's the perfect construction for a bob wig or a straight texture, or any texture and color we desire as long as we won't miss doing high ponytails with it. It is the ideal for day to day.

    Its main disadvantage is that it is very limited in the collections. This lace doesn't hide your entire hairline, so you can't do a high updo, or a line too far to the side.

    In conclusion, I recommend this type of lace to girls who want an easy to wear and cheap wig for their daily life.

  • Lace Frontal (or Lace Front)
  • What is a Lace Frontal? It is a 13x4 or 13x6 inch lace known as the “ear to ear” lace. It covers the entire front perimeter of the head (that's why it's called frontal).

    With this lace you can collect the hair in many ways, you can make the line where you want, you are not conditioned to it being only in the middle. This type of lace also makes the wig look more realistic thanks to the customization that we already do at DBB.

    Its biggest drawback is that it is a little more complicated to put on, and many times you need glue or at least a fixing gel or spray. It is a little more expensive than the Lace Closure and does not allow you to do full braids or high updos.

    In conclusion, this type of lace is perfect for a girl who knows a little more about wigs and who wants a more realistic result, knowing that she has to know how to put it on to make it look pretty, at an affordable price . If you are clever in the placement you can use it daily or rather leave it for weekends, dinners, events...

    Full Lace

    What is a Full Lace? As its name says, the Full Lace is a wig made of full lace (hair to hair) on the entire head. The lace not only covers a perimeter of the wig, but it is its entirety.

    With this wig you can do all kinds of hairstyles, from high ponytails to braids. It is perfect for girls who suffer from partial or total hair loss.It is light and feels very comfortable once installed on the head

    Its main disadvantage is its price. It is the most expensive wig. it requires a little more time to put it on and the main disadvantage is that it tears as time goes by, with use, washing, styling, handling itself and that means that after a while its volume is considerably reduced.

    2. THE COLOR OF THE WIG, will depend on the client's taste and our offer. The client will be able to choose from the colors proposed in the online store.

    from 1b which is the natural black base color, going through browns, chestnuts, blondes and fantasy colors.


    The client will be able to choose how high she wants her wig to go, from 10 inches to 30.


    To simplify the selection process, here at DBB we offer different hair textures, from the most common, such as straight and curly, to more particular textures, such as kinky.

    If after reading this information you still have doubts regarding which wig to choose, we recommend that you fill out the form to be able to make a video call appointment with Dulce to ask your questions.

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