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Private advice by video call with our founder Dulce Belloso expert and pioneer in the market of realistic wigs.

If you have any questions, ask about your purchase, about the wigs.

Book an appointment so you can be seen.

Payments: If you make the payment of your appointment outside the web you can do it through (PayPal, bizum, wester union, money gram) send proof of payment by mail to

Thank you.

For events, Galas, shootings, private parties...

VIP service (creation and placement of wigs)

VIP service (creation and placement of wigs)


For events such as: Galas, shootings, movies, private parties...

Creation and placement of a wig where the client requests it.

Our founder Dulce Belloso is knowledgeable in all the techniques related to realistic wigs and is capable of recreating any change in hair for any occasion without the need to mistreat the client's own hair.

It has geographic availability.

Depending on the particularity of the desired service, the budget will be closed according to preferences, including travel, stay and per diems in the city where the work is to be carried out.

All the details will be specified once the reservation is made.

Thank you!

Economic Wigs

Peluca Afro, Finoana - dulce belloso beautyPeluca Afro, Finoana - dulce belloso beauty
In offer

Afro Wig, Finoan

€190 €235
Whitney - dulce belloso beautyWhitney - dulce belloso beauty
In offer

whitney curly wig

€200 €255
KARIDIA - dulce belloso beautyKARIDIA - dulce belloso beauty
In offer


€165 €195
Bobiana (lista para enviar) - dulce belloso beautyBobiana - dulce belloso beauty
In offer


€165 €195
Karidia larga - dulce belloso beautyKaridia larga - dulce belloso beauty
In offer

long kardia

€175 €220
FIONA - dulce belloso beautyFIONA - dulce belloso beauty
In offer


€175 €215
Ruby - dulce belloso beautyRuby - dulce belloso beauty


KARIDIA - dulce belloso beauty


€165 €195

glueless wig

Whitney - dulce belloso beauty

whitney curly wig

€200 €255